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Songwriting 101

Hello my fellow music enthusiasts, we at NuWave Music welcome you all to the exciting world of songwriting! Whether you're a seasoned musician or a passionate beginner, songwriting is a journey that has endless possibilities. In this blog, we shall help you create memorable and engaging compositions. So what are we waiting for? Grab your pen, tune your guitar, and let your creativity flow as we embark on this musical adventure!

  • What is The Inspiration?: Before you put pen to paper, it's vital to know what your inspiration behind writing the song is. Explore various sources be it personal experiences, emotions, books, movies, or even everyday conversations and let it ignite your creativity and shape your songs. Remember, inspiration can strike at any moment, so keep a notepad or voice recorder handy at all times.

  • Don’t Rush, Breathe in & Breathe out : Songwriting can be an arduous process but that doesn’t mean that it should make you stressed. Enjoy the process of creating a songwriting structure and exploring new melodies. Inspect which is the right hook which will grab your listener’s attention and let your intuition guide you. Remember that your melody should reflect the message and the “vibe” that you create.

  • With Great Lyrics, Comes Great Power : Not exactly the famous spiderman quote but it is quite similar to that. Understand the power of lyrics, the right lyrics can help evoke emotions, tell stories, and connect with listeners on the desired level. Always ensure that you feel that the music that you create is a part of “who you are”, this will particularly help you feel a connection with the song and help it resonate with your audience. Don't be afraid to be vulnerable and authentic in your expression.

  • Songwriting Structure: Songwriting structure is important to understand as it is what will keep the listener engaged from the start to the finish. Our NuWave tip to our fellow musicians is to always explore different song structures and verse-chorus (Eg. AABA, or ABABCB). Find what suits you the best and use it to enhance your storytelling journey of the song.

  • Inspect then Inspect Again: Songwriting is a continuous process of refining and polishing your work. Review your work thoroughly But don’t over analyze! Embrace constructive feedback from trusted peers or mentors to further develop your compositions. Go easy on yourself and fine-tune the melodies, rework lyrics until you get the feeling that “yes, I created this”. Embrace the creative evolution of your song and trust your instincts!

To Summarize, Congratulations, fellow musicians! By implementing these songwriting tips, you can unleash your creativity, find inspiration and craft compelling melodies. You have the power to create songs that resonate with audiences and leave a lasting impact. Remember, songwriting is an ever-evolving journey, so keep exploring, experimenting, and sharing your musical stories with the world. Reach out to us at NuWave Sounds, if you have any questions or want to talk!

Keep Making Incredible Music!

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